I have explored structural dynamics and experimental vibrations via a project to investigate the modal shapes of a crystal glass. Accelerometers, impact hammer, and LanXI spectrum analyzer were used to excite and record different modes of the glass and significant amount of data was processed in B&K Pulse and Matlab. Different modes and corresponding natural frequencies were identified. The influences of the size of the glass and etching on the modes were also investigated.

A multiple input multiple output (MIMO) test was used to determine the mode shapes. Two accelerometers were used to allow for identification of double modes. We Applied a single hit to the glass with a hammer and used three averages per measurement grid location to determine the dynamic response. The measurements were collected up to 10,000 Hz.

Picture1.jpg       Picture2.jpg



1st mode shape

2nd mode shape

3rd mode shape

4th mode shape

5th mode shape